The most widely used and respected text in its field, Writing Fiction, Ninth Edition guides the novice story writer from first inspiration to final revision.


A bestseller through eight editions, Writing Fiction explores the elements of fiction, providing practical writing techniques and concrete examples. Written in a tone that is personal and non-prescriptive, the text encourages students to develop proficiency through each step of the writing process, offering an abundance of exercises designed to spur writing and creativity.  The text also integrates diverse, contemporary short stories in the belief that the reading of inspiring fiction goes hand-in-hand with the writing of fresh and exciting stories.

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  1. Maryann Lozano

    Five Stars If you want a self-paced self-study book to develop your craft don’t get the 9th edition! Get the THIRD. I worked my way alone through the THIRD and I learned a lot and began to get a sense of competence and confidence. The stories are all very different from one another and each one is followed by critical questions. There is also a “Retrospect” section in each chapter that has you revisit previously introduced stories and analyze them for additional features of craft. I greatly…

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