Learn to Write 300% Faster: Like Your Life Depends On It!
Good writing is fast writing, and fast writing is easy. Much easier than you think.

Anyone can learn to write fast. Seriously fast. Even as fast as you talk. This book will teach you how. And it will teach you why! Why you should put this skill above almost all others in your life. Especially if you’re in business, if you blog, if you have a story or two inside you, or if you simply feel an urge to write. It’s incredibly important that you learn the skill of not just writing, but fast writing.

In Writing 300% Faster: Like Your Life Depends On It you will learn:

  • The nine most common mistakes which will slow down your writing
  • Seven killer keys to write faster
  • A 5-minute trick that will instantly double your writing speed
  • How to write a book in 2 days without touching a keyboard

You won’t belive how quickly this action and gem-filled ebook was written!The author not only describes how to write a book very quickly, he practices what he preaches, and demonstrates that it works with this book. Learn the secrets of a very experienced journalist, copywriter, blogger and novelist. Take these tips, go out there and start writing faster yourself. Today! You can do it. Believe in yourself, and use these proven techniques to make it happen. Writing fast is one of the most powerful and useful skills on the planet. So get out there and start writing… like your life depends on it!ACT NOW! Click on the orange BUY button at the top of this page!

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  1. Matthew

    Fast writing is good writing This book draws the reader in immediately by giving a valuable tip on what makes good writing. I was surprised to hear that good writing is fast writing normally most of us would believe it to be the other way round, the more time you take writing the better quality it is. The author determines this is the case because when you read a blog or article that someone has written in a matter of minutes it feels like they are talking to you. This book has inspired me the increase my writing ability…

  2. James Forchion

    Writing plays a large role in how successful you will be. In short, this book is about writing faster, the 9 most common mistakes which will slow down your writing, shortcuts to write faster, and how to write a book in 2 days without touching a keyboard. The most important part of this book is the 9 most common mistakes which will slow down your writing. My writer’s block is the biggest challenge for me as I am generally a slow writer because I write for the garbage bin. I constantly correct and stifle myself when I think, talk, and write. it’s a…

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