The “Writer´s Workbook” is meant as a notebook of ideas for authors who are in the process of plotting a novel. It contains help with the key phases of the writing experience, from character development and plot structure to creating marketing plans for your novel. There are clear guidelines, checklists and planning structures for you to use throughout this guide, as well as helpful information on plot devices, such as choosing a narrative style and writing a plot synopsis.

Author Tanja Hanika has drawn on her lengthy writing experiences, and the lessons she learnt during her studies of literature at the University of Treves, to create the “Writer´s Workbook”, which aims to support the process of writing for authors.

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Better Than Frees

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  1. Anonymous

    Covers everything from plot to characters and allows the writer to “build” on these things in a step-by-step manner. Starting a story without being prepared is one of the main reasons a writer will freeze after starting. It’s not so much writer’s block that causes this freeze, it’s lack of direction for your story. Put simply, you dove in too fast. This book will help you get these stories in your head mapped out so you won’t be so in the dark on your characters and plot. Far from the pantster…

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