A complete guide to every type of magazine article writing, featuring 33 chapters of writing instruction.Finding success peddling words to magazines doesn’t have to begin as a starving-artist-in-the-garret existence of firing ignorant queries into the void and counting on raw talent and blind luck to see you through. Jean Fredette’s handbook should be up there with the dictionary and thesaurus for any would-be feature writer. With 33 experts sharing advice on everything from killer queries to manuscript mechanics and resell etiquette, the Handbook of Magazine Article Writing is a far better choice than one of those how-to-be-a-writer seminars, and has more valuable information on hand at a better price.

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    “Handbook of Magazine Article Writing” is a compendium of writing and marketing magazine articles edited by Jean M Fredette for Writer’s Digest.Highly recognized writers and editors contribute valuable information book in the areas of their expertise.Practical guidelines cover “how to” suggestions for everything from article types to query letters and “under cover” tips. Writing styles, sample articles, letters, and title suggestions are plentiful and practical and are found…

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