“I just don’t care enough about your character.”

Write Characters Your Readers Won’t Forget is a toolkit for addressing that issue. Packed with 30 exercises, abundant examples, and practical strategies, this guidebook will help you write unforgettable characters who “come alive” on the page, create compelling dialogue, and chart a more breathtaking emotional journeys for your characters.

Stant Litore is the author of The Ansible Stories, The Zombie Bible, The Running of the Tyrannosaurs, and Dante’s Heart. Best known for his weird fiction, alternate history, and scifi, he has taught frequent courses for writers across the genres and has served as a developmental editor for Westmarch Publishing. His own fiction has been acclaimed by NPR, has served as the subject of scholarly work in Relegere and Weird Fiction Review, and he has been hailed as “SF’s premier poet of loneliness.” He lives in Colorado with his wife and two daughters, and is working on his next book.

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  1. Lars D. Hedbor

    If you don’t care for your characters, who will? I don’t usually read books about the craft of writing, as I have an irrational fear of messing with the magic that sometimes seems to happen when I sit down at the keyboard.I dipped into this book mainly because I have such profound respect for Litore’s ability to create powerful, rich characters and I hoped that I might gain some insights into how he accomplishes it.Boy, did I.Not only did this brief book give me a host of ideas to incorporate into my own…

  2. Jessica France

    If you can’t take the course, at least there’s a book!

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