Many of the couple’s whose marriage is no longer healthy or working end up with divorce. With the increasing number of divorce cases being filed each year in California, access to the divorce public records California keeps are becoming time consuming. Such document is an open file that the residents can freely access anytime they feel the need for it. State Of California Divorce Records

There are several reasons why residents of California regularly request for a copy of divorce certificate. Genealogy research is one of the primary reasons for requesting a copy of a divorce record. The information that can be found on the document is used to update the family tree. The future generation would encounter problems tracing their origins if the divorce is not updated in a timely manner. Transactions involving the finances of an individual as well as the updating the status would require a copy of a divorce certificate in order to proceed with any requests.

One would know where and when the couple has filed their divorce by looking at the divorce record. The document would not be complete and valid without the names of the people involved which include the divorced individuals and the witnesses to the separation.

The divorce certificate would only contain the basic information of the separation. Sensitive information about the divorce is kept confidential to protect the privacy of the couple. Information such as the reason for the separation is not visible in a public document. One cannot find the name of the one who filed the separation on a public file. The custody of the children as well as the information about the properties and assets of the couple are not available on a public document.

Divorce records from 1962 to 1984 have to be requested at the county office. The office of the Department of Health under the Vital Records Section is where all of the divorce records are being archived. However, the office does not release the certified copy of the divorce in California. One has to go to the office of the county clerk where the divorce was filed in order to proceed with the retrieval. The state office can only provide information about where the divorce can be obtained. This would cost $13. Access to the divorce files is only open to the divorcees themselves. One has to be granted a special permission to proceed with the retrieval of other people’s divorce certificate. In order to proceed with the request, the basic details of the document being obtained have to be provided. One is also required to provide their personal details to have the request granted.

The public records for divorce in California can be obtained through the Internet. Doing the search online, hastens the retrieval process since the need to go to any office is no longer necessary. By doing just a few clicks on the mouse, the results of the search can be displayed. This cuts the time in the retrieval to more than half of the usual time spent.

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