This bestselling brief text is for anyone who needs tips to improve writing.


Writing with Style is storehouse of practical writing tips—written in a lively, conversational style. This text provides insight into: how to generate interesting ideas and get them down on paper; how to write a critical analysis; how to write a crisp opener; how to invigorate a dull style; how to punctuate with confidence; how to handle various conventions—and much more.

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  1. bheckel

    Great for all fields of writing. An inspiration! This book inspired me to become a better writer, not because it is an “instruction manual,” but because the passion with which the mechanics of writing are discussed is palpable. I was assigned to read this book in a medical science writing course, and have applied the lessons I’ve learned to science writing ever since. It is useful for all types of prose–technical, persuasive, expository, or other. I had no idea how excited I could be about punctuation until reading this book. My…

  2. Randy Given

    Ignore This Review? Why should you ignore this review? Because my writing style is nowhere near what I’d like it to be. How can I review such a good book without looking like an idiot?Trimble’s book is a breeze to read and fun as well. You’ll pick up a lot without even trying. The examples are plentiful and interesting — I’ve already added several of the quoted works to my reading list.What you won’t get is elitism. That’s a great thing. I’m not fond of elitists, especially when they’re…

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