Titanium is tough but is it right for jewelry?

I have never been a big fan of jewelry.

borat iconNow, this could be simply because I’m a male, and I’ve always thought jewelry was something more for the softer sex.

Or, it could just be that silver, gold and precious stones don’t appeal to me greatly.

What is your take on the whole jewelry concept?

Are you bling-blinging it on a daily basis, or do you prefer only a watch or simple wedding band?

Either way, there definitely have been some things added to the whole jewelry realm of things. These days you can go beyond the classic golds, silvers and platinums. New-age titanium jewelry is becoming all the rage. If you don’t believe me, then just get on the web and check out the numerous websites that offer it.

I will admit that I like titanium jewelry. Especially the rings. You see, I am a metal nut, and always have been. I love cutlery, and it is what introduced me to titanium.

Quality knife makers produce a ton of titanium stuff now days.

Do you know why that may be?

I can tell you why, because it’s rather simple. Titanium is a super strong and durable metal that’s very light-weight. It’s perfect for knife handles and a variety of other things. Then of course there is contemporary titanium jewelry. Oh, before you get too excited about this stuff, you really should listen up.

Titanium jewelry is very modern and cool in theory; however there seems to be some quirks in the concept. I had originally looked into it when I was preparing for my wedding. I considered a titanium wedding band. However, after listening to my mother’s spiel about titanium rings and bracelets, I decided to go with steel.

She works as an RN, and has her entire adult life. She informed me that when someone is rolled in for surgery after an accident of some sort, jewelry must often be cut off.

Now, here’s the dilemma.

Titanium is almost impossible to cut through.

Imagine if a titanium ring was smashed on your finger and they couldn’t cut through it to remove it. That would stink severely. And this folks is why I chose a stainless Damascus steel wedding band instead.

A variety of titanium jewelry is offered on the web now days. You can sort through oodles and oodles of rings, bracelets and more. But don’t be fooled into thinking it’s cheap, because most of it is not. Just like other fine jewelry, it will cost you a pretty penny.

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