The Writing of God presents proof of the seminal event of the Old Testament, when God handed down to Moses the word and the “writing of God” (Exodus 32:16), known as the Sinai Covenant. It presents never before seen new evidence of the Exodus, inscriptions from Sinai. The location of the real Mount Sinai has been long debated. Scripture states it to be in Midian in Arabia where researchers have found stunning archeological evidence of the events of the Exodus, including the inscriptions from the base of Mount Sinai. The translation of these inscriptions reveal an incredible secret of the Bible. The “writing of God” written by “the finger of God” (Exodus 31:18) is the first alphabetic writing! The evidence taken from the latest linguistic and archaeological science reveals the origin of the alphabet, the context of writing in the ancient world of 2nd millennium BC, and the importance of the Old Testament as an historically accurate source. The accumulation of all the evidence of the Exodus from scriptural, historical, linguistic and archaeological sources is detailed in The Writing of God. The Sinai Covenant is an educational covenant calling believers to read, write, and “diligently” educate their children. The Writing of God documents the ‘call from Sinai’ – the spiritual clarion for today’s home-schoolers.

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  1. Wes Severe

    Great Research On Israel & The Exodus If your interested in the history of Israel, the Exodus, the real location of Mt. Sinai of the bible, this book is a must. Studying this from a linguistic perspective has opened a whole new arena of study. To realize the possibilty that Isael’s 40 year wandering led them into southern Arabia (Yemen), was a new revelation for me. The author ties a great deal of historical research and includes the latest information about Jabal al- Lawz (Caldwell, Rohl, Mahoney, Kim, etc.). This book clearly…

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