Want to be a better writer? Perfect your process.

Process is a vital, unsung writing skill.

For example, do you fear the blank page? You may be skipping the essential early phases of writing.

Do you generate swarms of ideas but never publish anything? You need strategies to focus and persist to the finish.

When you learn to work with your brain instead of against it, you’ll get more done and have more fun.

Master the inner game of writing

The Writer’s Process combines proven practices of successful authors with cognitive science research about how our minds work.

You’ll learn: 

  • How to invite creativity and flow into the writing process 
  • Why separating the writing process into different steps makes you more productive 
  • How to overcome writer’s block, negative feedback, and distractions 
  • How to make time for writing in a busy, interrupt-driven life
It’s filled with ideas that you can put into practice immediately. 

The Writer’s Process is a 2017 Readers’ Favorite Gold Medal Winner and a Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Silver Award winner.

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  1. Stephan Hovnanian

    Once you learn how to learn, learning becomes much more effective and efficient. Have you ever swung a baseball bat, tennis racket, or golf club? You don’t need formal training to do any of those things, nor do you need do swing them in a specific manner to be effective. Writing is the same way. Everybody has a style that they’ve figured out over time, and it works for them.Or, maybe it doesn’t. Maybe, like the baseball, tennis, or golf player, you find yourself consistently stumbling in certain areas of writing, so it becomes frustrating. This is when we tend…

  2. David D. Warner

    FROM SKEPTIC TO BELIEVER I was skeptical when I started reading THE WRITER’S PROCESS—especially the part about using cognitive and behavioral science research to improve the writing process—but once I put Janzer’s techniques into practice, I quickly became a true believer. Not only did the creative part of my process begin to bear new and interesting fruit, but I also became more productive (never underestimate the power of a deadline—even self-imposed deadlines). I recommend this book to all writers who feel they need…

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