The Principles of Theology: An Introduction to the Thirty-Nine Articles [Pape…

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  1. Anonymous

    A very fine Reformed Exposition For many years this has been something of the standard Low Church (Protestant/Reformed) exposition of the 39 Articles. In recent years a number of Reformed and Evangelical expositions have appeared, but it is unclear as of yet if any of them will surpass this work.Griffith Thomas’s approach to the Articles is both Reformed and analytical as he wrestles with the intended or implied meaning of each article.If you are serious about the Articles I would, however, supplement…

  2. Anonymous

    Review of the best work on Anglicanism All the sections covered in each of the Thirty-nine articles were very well written. It covered the very important historical context of each of the articles. The doctrinal position of the Church of England when the articles were formulated are established within their historical context and a proper exposition is given. It reflects the contrast between Anglicanism and the Church of Rome and interacts with ” High Church ” Anglicans. It should be read and used by Anglicans. This work is from the…

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