A must-have guide for writing at work, with practical applications for getting your point across quickly, coherently, and efficiently.

A winning combination of how-to guide and reference work, The Only Business Writing Book You’ll Ever Need addresses a wide-ranging spectrum of business communication with its straightforward seven-step method. These easy-to-follow steps save you time from start to finish, and helpful checklists will boost your confidence as they keep you on track. You’ll learn to promote yourself and your ideas clearly and concisely―whether putting together a persuasive project proposal or dealing with daily email.

Laura Brown’s supportive, no-nonsense approach to business writing is thoughtfully adapted to the increasingly digital corporate landscape. She provides practical tips and comprehensive examples for all the most popular forms of communication, including slide presentations, résumés, cover letters, web copy, and a thorough guide to the art of crafting e-mails and instant messages. Insightful sidebars from experts in various fields demystify the skills of self-editing, creating content, and overcoming writer’s block, and Brown’s reference-ready resources on style, punctuation, and grammar will keep your writing error-free.

Nuanced, personable, and of-the-moment, The Only Business Writing Book You’ll Ever Need offers essential tools for success in the rapidly changing world of business communication.

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  1. Anonymous

    I met Laura Brown when we were undergrads. Over the years, she has encouraged me to write and given me feedback on my writing. Reading her recently released book on business writing, I feel as though she’s talking to me in a small training room or on an audiobook. She coaches me/the reader through a flawed writing sample and an edited version. She explains the problems, how to fix them and why it matters.Laura’s book is useful whether or not you are comfortable writing AND whether…

  2. Anonymous

    I’ve read a lot of business writing books — I taught business writing to grad students for almost a decade — and this is the best I’ve seen. It’s extremely readable (a model of clear, direct style), comprehensive (resumes to social media, press releases to keynote speeches), gives great advice (clear, encouraging, smart), and it’s not a word longer than it has to be to tell you all you need to know. It is also filled with wise insights about the changes that have taken place in business…

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