It’s possible: we Americans can fix our broken federal government. Our Founders made sure of it.

For 50 years, political insiders have been trying to suppress all knowledge of how to reform our government. No longer! In this book, America’s leading active scholar on the constitutional amendment process reveals how we can bypass Congress to win the reforms we need.

Relying on three centuries of history, over two centuries of decided case law, and vast historical and legal research, Professor Natelson answers such questions as:

* How does the Constitution let us bypass Congress to get the reforms we need?
* What exactly is a “convention for proposing amendments”—and what it is not?
* How is the convention organized and governed?
* What are the legal rules governing the process?
* Which writings about the amendment process are reliable—and which are just propaganda?

The Law of Article V is an indispensable guide for all Americans who love their country.

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