This publication of Sasse’s RTR articles marks yet another milestone in the continued publication of the works of one of the great Lutheran theologians of the twentieth century. The RTR and Springfielder articles and the many book reviews presented in this volume have been all but inaccessible for decades. All of them bear witness to Sasse’s deep knowledge of Church history, the New Testament, Luther, the Reformation, the Eastern Church, and Rome. Though writing as a very convinced confessional Lutheran, Sasse nevertheless affirms the breadth and scope of the Una Sancta. He dispels myths such as the “ancient undivided church” and untangles the riddles of Roman Catholicism with deepest respect and truth.

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    I did not buy this book through Amazon, but I do own a copy. This is a marvelous collection of journal articles and book reviews of the great Lutheran theologian Hermann Sasse spanning the early 1950s through the mid-1970s. Sasse was an important figure in mid-20th century Lutheranism, who left his troubled German church to settle in Australia. Though often underestimated and overshadowed by more famous (and infamous) names, Sasse brings an uncanny depth of church history and doctrine to bear…

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