Five minutes could change your life. It might not sound significant, but imagine the possibilities.

Use the 52 writing prompts in this journal as an invitation to leave your inhibition at the door and let the inspiration flow, free and unreserved. Stop taking yourself so seriously and just have fun.

Write to discover. Write to release. Write to reflect. Write to restore.

Don’t worry about anything or anyone else—just set a timer and free write for five uninterrupted minutes. No overthinking, no worrying about spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, or what anyone else will think—just write.

The purpose of this journal is not to limit you with a set of rules, but rather to spark inspiration, provide space for you to practice your craft, and challenge you to cultivate the habit of writing regularly. Let go of your inhibiting fears and gain new confidence page by page as you practice these freewriting exercises.

The practice of freewriting has many benefits.

Use freewriting as a way to:

◆ clear your mind
◆ relieve stress
◆ discover latent ideas and emotions
◆ experiment with new techniques
◆ generate ideas for larger projects
◆ grow your confidence as a writer
◆ connect with God through the written word
◆ . . . and much more.

In this journal you’ll find 52 one-word writing prompts. You’re welcome to use the prompts however you wish—you could write every day, once a week, or whenever inspiration strikes.

The one-word prompt style is based on the tradition found at Five Minute Friday, an online writing community that gathers weekly to freewrite on a single word prompt at At Five Minute Friday, the challenge is to set a timer and freewrite for five minutes flat. Feel free to use these prompts as a five-minute exercise or write until you run out of space on the page, time in the day, ink in your pen, or words in your mind.

Here’s the challenge:

1. Find a pen or pencil
2. Open to one of the prompts in this journal
3. Set a timer for five minutes
4. Start writing

So get your timer ready, and prepare to discover the power and possibility of five minutes.

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  1. Anonymous

    This is what I need to get the fire back in my writing practice. It’s got 52 one word prompts and 2 pages for each word which is perfect for me. There is plenty of room to write. Who can’t think of something to write about one word? Maybe that doesn’t sound inspiring, but I promise you, your thoughts will spiral into interesting dialog between you and your pen. I bought two copies because I intended to share. I might need to keep both of these copies for myself and buy others to give. I’m…

  2. Anonymous

    If you’re like me and you love to write, need practice, and enjoy writing to a prompt, this is the perfect journal for you! As a member of the Five Minute Friday Writing Community, I look forward to receiving the weekly prompt and then seeing what develops from that one word! It often surprises me! Now, Kate has designed this journal so everyday can be a five minute writing experience! Want to write longer than five minutes? (which I regularly do) No problem! Within the community and this…

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