Master the art of article writing!

The world of journalism is changing rapidly, and the modern journalist needs more than a basic knowledge of article writing to navigate it. The Complete Guide to Article Writing provides a compass for freelancers and students of journalism looking to write successfully on a wide variety of topics and for many different markets–both in print and online. From researching and interviewing to writing features, reviews, news articles, opinion pieces, and even blog posts, this one-stop guide will illuminate the intricacies of article writing so you can produce entertaining, informative, and salable articles.

  • Learn how to write coherently, cohesively, and concisely.
  • Choose the proper structure for the article you want to write.
  • Weave narrative and fact seamlessly into your pieces.
  • Develop your freelance platform with the latest in social media outlets.
  • Pitch your ideas like a pro.
  • Develop a professional relationship with editors.
  • And much more!

Modern journalism can be a treacherous terrain, but with The Complete Guide to Article Writing as your companion, you’ll not only survive the journey–you’ll be able to write pieces that inform, entertain, inspire, delight–and sell!

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Better Than Free Blogs

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  1. Salah Gamoudi

    This book taught me so much! I’m currently studying journalism, and this book is the best book on journalism that I have ever read! It’s so much better (and cheaper) than journalism textbooks. I learned so much about the history of the craft and journalism values. The book also discusses article writing in theoretical and practical terms. Not only do I better understand what features, news, editorials and blogs are but I also learned how to write them in a way that will attract readers. This book also…

  2. lilly chavez

    This books is a must for high school or college! I bought this book for my College son who is writing for his schools newspaper. He tells me this book has been very helpful and uses it to proof read his articles. To my surprise, my high school daughter is also using it to improve her writing skills. She is taking AP Literature in high school, and her teacher said her improvement in writing has gone up from struggling to mastering. I never thought this book would help so much. I have never written reviews but I felt I needed to spread…

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