A writer is an audacious person, a person courageous enough to risk exposure. But writing is not what you do. It’s who you are. It’s your life. It’s your calling. And it’s time to own it with audacity.
Contributors: Bryan Hutchinson, Joe Bunting, C.S. Lakin, Ali Luke, Marcy McKay, Shanan Haislip, Andy Mort, Christine Frazier, Liwen Ho, Chelsea Nenno, Claire DeBoer, Kate I. Foley, Josh Irby, Stacy Claflin, Dana Sitar, Nicole Gulotta, and Bryan Collins.

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  1. Charles A. Ray

    Read this first, and then follow the advice – WRITE! Being audacious is about taking risks, going against conventions and the status quo—which is an excellent definition of a writer—a writer who dares to put his or her work out for public review, that is. But, there is a demon that conspires to make it difficult to be audacious. It’s called the demon of self-doubt. Conquering this demon is the first step on the road to doing what you are meant to do, and that, my friend is, WRITE!The Audacity to be a Writer: 50 Inspiring…

  2. C. Hope Clark

    Editor of FundsforWriters.com Enjoyed This Book I love the devotional feel of this book, giving sensible advice in short, easy-to-read moments. This book is for new writers, writers with doubt, unpublished writers, writers seeking to write for a living, writers trying to leave the day job . . . it’s common sense material we out to know but don’t and applies to so many of us. As someone so tired of the hard-sell, this-is-the-magical-way-of-how-to-be-a-success method of today’s writing advisors, I find this book soothing with ideas to…

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