There’s a constant hunger in the world for books that explore the spiritual aspects of life, but writing about spirituality is far more complex than simply sharing personal reflections about God and the life of faith. Editors and publishers who specialize in spiritual writing find that what is important to work out for yourself on paper may not always be the best way to connect to readers. Because of its personal nature, it can be difficult to find the balance in spiritual writing between what is good writing for you and what is good writing for others.

Incorporating her 20+ years of publishing and writing experience, Vinita Hampton Wright provides a practical and straightforward look at spiritual writing for a broader audience in The Art of Spiritual Writing. This slim volume is loaded with writing tips, advice, and exercises to help the writer hone and craft his or her personal thoughts into an engaging, inspiring, and publishable piece. Readers will learn such things as why authenticity matters, how to find their authentic voice, and how to engineer their creativity so that it resonates with readers.
The Art of Spiritual Writing demonstrates that by taking the time to learn and implement the process and craft of writing, we can begin to uncover new ways to connect with ourselves, our readers, and God. And as we grow in our writing ability, our spirituality blossoms as well.

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    the single best book on spiritual writing A few weeks ago, when I visited Moody Publishers and sat around a table with their fabulous publishing staff, one editor kindly urged me to tend to my spiritual life. He shared that one of the hardest parts of his job is watching excellent writers neglect their spirituality and write (quite persuasively) without reflection or wisdom.”The publishing world is full of drivel,” he said. “We don’t need more empty words. What we need are men and women who write authentically…

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