Designed to help law students write and publish articles, this text provides detailed instructions for every aspect of the law school writing, research, and publication process. Topics covered include law review articles and student notes, seminar term papers, how to shift from research to writing, cite-checking others’ work, publishing, and publicizing written works. With supporting documents available on, the book helps law students and everyone else involved in academic legal writing: professors save time and effort communicating basic points to students; law schools satisfy the American Bar Association’s second- and third-year writing requirements; and law reviews receive better notes from their staff.

The Fourth Edition adds examples drawn from successful student notes, coupled with detailed explanations of what makes the examples effective, and how they could have been made still more effective. It also elaborates further on how one can research a topic more comprehensively than many students do, both by finding a broader range of examples and applications, and by investigating the key cases more deeply.

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  1. Bart Motes

    Pragmatic, clear, systematic, and without equal Former clerk to the Supreme Court and Professor at UCLA Eugene Volokh has given a remarkable gift to the legal community that would be a bargain at twice the price. It delivers pragmatic and thoughtful advice in a remarkably clear and lucid style. Moreover, it is not simply clear for law books–frankly, a low bar to pass–Volokh writes for the ordinary public daily on his eponymous blog (where you can read the first chapter of this book), and the skills required for that task manifest…

  2. LibertarianLawStudent

    Must have for law review competitions 0

  3. A Pleased Customer

    Definitely Worth It! I bought this primarily for a law-review write-on competition, figured I would shell out the cash since it’s pretty much the only book on that exact topic or at least the only heavily recommended one. Wow, was it worth it! Besides the wonderful chapter on how to plan out your law review write-on and what to write about, along with specific advice for writing in a casenote format, the entire book was full of general writing advice. I may use the rest of it when I have a paper class, or for…

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