This book shows researchers how to use the American Psychological Association’s Journal Article Reporting Standards for Qualitative Research (JARS–Qual), Mixed Methods Article Reporting Standards (MMARS)—which blend qualitative and quantitative methods—and the Qualitative Meta‑Analysis Reporting Standards (QMARS). These standards provide much‑needed sets of criteria to guide researchers from diverse traditions of inquiry, as well as journal editors, reviewers, and students. They present the critical elements of a qualitative study that researchers need to report, including design choices, participant recruitment strategies, data analysis procedures, and the significance of the results.
Author Heidi Levitt explains the purpose and function of these standards, helping researchers strengthen the impact of their work. The book is relevant for varied qualitative methods and includes examples from APA journal articles to illustrate how writers can tailor their reporting style based on their methodologies and goals. Levitt also details other key aspects of reporting qualitative research, such as how to establish a study’s methodological integrity by demonstrating its fidelity to the subject matter and the utility of its research contributions.

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