Arrest records are standard public information and are the most influential of all public criminal files. It contains all plea bargains, dropped charges, any form of compromise or dismissal, misdemeanor or other offense by any law enforcement or military authority. New York Arrest Search are updated regularly and maintained by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS).

These documents are accessible to individuals requesting for their personal files. However, authorized employers or agencies could access a potential employee’s arrest information but must accomplish a contract with DCJS known as Use and Dissemination Agreement. This agreement delineates the responsibilities of the agency and the individual authorized to procure the documented information.

The Unified Court System has two kinds of arrest records. The Administrative Records are upheld by a division within the New York State Office of Court (OCA) which does not constitute court records. These are subject to disclosure under the Freedom of Information Law (FOIL). While the Court Records are not governed under FOIL but, rather under section 255 of the judiciary law which permits a court clerk to charge the pursuant a specific fee.

OCA grants a statewide search for a fee of $65.00. The individual requesting for the search will have to complete an application form. Wherein the applicant will have to fill out the name, address, and phone number of the person or the company submitting the form. The application will be rejected if there are any errors, omission and unclear information on the form. It could be submitted through mail or in person.

Wouldn’t you think that free public records should not cost you a dime? Be unrestricted and readily available through various free public forms? Also, wouldn’t it be possibly accessible to anyone who wants a copy? No. There’s a rigorous procedure to procure these files and the government’s way is not the easiest to go through. Seeking for arrest records takes time and lost time may be crucial.

There is such a thing as online requests for Free Public Arrest Records. Not only, will it save more time and energy, but online searches are fast and hassle-free which just requires a small fee, since it will go through several different databases. This is to ensure that the documents you receive are complete and reliable. This method also helps in ruling out awkwardness when you will search for files pertaining to your neighbors or relatives and such, as it is a discreet way of seeking out information.

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