Do you want to turn your research idea into a published journal article but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you’re in the middle of a research project and feel frustrated, alone, and stuck?
My first scientific research project left me feeling pretty daunted, too. In this practical and accessible book, I’ll guide you past the hurdles that make research so challenging and lead you through the research process from start to finish. I will save you time, effort, and frustration on your journey to getting published.
This book organizes the research journey into a clear, step-by-step process. The process covers seven phases: review the literature, outline the project, run the experiment, visualize the findings, write the first draft, edit into the second draft, and revise until published. The book breaks each phase into a series of smaller tasks, encourages through the anxieties that hinder progress, and discusses strategies for boosting productivity.

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  1. Anonymous

    As a graduate student, the idea of completing the peer review process is daunting. Many times I feel disoriented by the steps necessary to complete a journal article. Having an irregular schedule (as many grad students do) doesn’t help either.Dr. Deetjen’s book has heavily influenced how I approach writing a publishable journal article while shoring up bad habits in my daily schedule. This book will be an immense help for any graduate student feeling lost in the peer review process…

  2. Anonymous

    Dr. Deetjen has done everyone out there who is in a research-based graduate program or anyone who is a career academic a huge service by writing a well thought out, well researched, easy to follow, and humorous how-to guide on what you should do to get published in a peer reviewed journal. The journey to getting published from start to finish can be daunting and overwhelming (and emotional) and Dr. Deetjen breaks it down step by step so that it feels achievable. He provides flow charts,…

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