Learn to master the useful but tricky skill of how to choose the right article or determiner

As a non-native speaker of English, you may have trouble with determiners because, unlike true adjectives, the choice of which article, demonstrative, or quantifier to use is dependent on both the meaning and the grammatical form of the particular noun they modify. Practice Makes Perfect: English Articles and Determiners Up Close helps you untangle this grammar puzzle with clear explanations of how they should be treated and used. And of course you will get hundreds of exercise opportunities to practice, practice, practice your new skills.

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  1. Soo Jeong

    Wikipedia is Just as Useful! Practice definitely does make perfect for Mark Lester, but not quite. For example:”There is a similar odd use of the with the names of places of recreation:Let’s go to the beach. the movies. the mountains. the park.Even though the listener has no way of knowing which movie or park the speaker has in mind (if, in fact, the speaker has any particular one in mind), it is still conventional to use the definite article with these nounss”…

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