The art and craft of writing by one of the few grandmasters of American literature, a bonanza for writers and readers co-written by Kurt Vonnegut’s former student.

Here is an entirely new side of Kurt Vonnegut, Vonnegut as a teacher of writing. Of course he’s given us glimpses before, with aphorisms and short essays and articles and in his speeches. But never before has an entire book been devoted to Kurt Vonnegut the teacher. Here is pretty much everything Vonnegut ever said or wrote having to do with the writing art and craft, altogether a healing, a nourishing expedition. McConnell has outfitted us for the journey, and in these 37 chapters covers the waterfront of how one American writer brought himself to the pinnacle of the writing art, and we can all benefit as a result.

Kurt Vonnegut was one of the few grandmasters of American literature, whose novels continue to influence new generations about the ways in which our imaginations can help us to live. Few aspects of his contribution have not been plumbed–fourteen novels, collections of his speeches, his essays, his letters, his plays–so this fresh view of him, written by a former student, is a bonanza for writers and readers and Vonnegut fans everywhere.

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  1. Anonymous

    10 Stars — Immensely Readable, Enjoyable AND Useful If you want an engaging book about a great writer by an incredible writer and researcher GET THIS BOOK.Suzanne McConnell has given the world a gift by writing one of the best books about a writer and how to write you’ll ever read. It’s peppered with Vonnegut’s advice from his days at the Iowa Writers Workshop and interviews and backed up by samples from his books and letters, all of which are wonderful and of invaluable help to those who wish to write.Look, I’ve read…

  2. Anonymous

    How to be understood. I write in a lot of different genres, as did Kurt Vonnegut. This book, like his work, is many things: it’s a guide to writing that reads like something else. It gets to the heart of the matter which is why write? What to write? And how to best express yourself. I always loved Vonnegut novels – their powerful voice – their humor – their conversational tone – this is that and more. Written by a writer who studied with him at Iowa Writers Workshop during the hey days – her substitute teacher was…

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