Book has some noticeable wear. Cover has been ripped a little. Ships direct from Amazon

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  1. Snickers99

    Careful…Uses MLA 7th Edition (MLA is up to 8th edition) Well, I needed this book for my English 101 class. This is the exact book required. Problem is, it’s based on MLA 7th edition. MLA 8th edition came out in April 2016 and this book came out in 2015. The other book we’re using uses MLA 8th edition. Things were very confusing for me since one book said do a citation this way while the other said do it that way. Finally figured out why.Why the college is making us use books based on two different MLA editions, I don’t know. Just be…

  2. HaleStorm

    Ordered new book, received defective factory reject. I am horribly disappointed with the quality of product I received from tregus_depott_Initially I only found the wrinkled up pages that had been printed on, but I could still make out the info, and could not afford to be without the book for class, so I just dealt with it.Then I started finding groups of pages that were never separated by the publisher. Again, I could fix it by cutting the pages myself and could not be without the book, so I dealt with it…

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