The Thirty Nine Articles are key part of the Anglican theological tradition. Since 1571 they have shaped the way in which Anglicans have understood and proclaimed the Christian faith and the way in which they have related to Christians of other traditions. Today, however, the Articles are not well understood. Our Inheritance of Faith addresses this problem. It begins by providing a clear and comprehensive introduction to the development of the Articles and their subsequent history within Anglicanism. It then goes on to look at each of the Articles individually, explaining in detail how each Article reached its present form, what its original purpose was and what it teaches. Points of theological difficulty raised by the teaching in the Articles are explored and there are additional notes explaining how the Articles relate to subsequent developments in the Church of England and the wider Church. This book provides anyone who is interested in the Articles with all the tools they need to understand them and to think in an informed way about how to apply their teaching today.

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    For those who love and are interested in Anglicanism What do Anglicans believe? The Book of Common Prayer is where most might look for the answer to that question, but there is a statement of faith – a set of declarations – that do indeed lay out what Anglicans of the Reformation period believed about their church, and that is the 39 Articles of Religion. These articles are not a creed or even a dogmatic statement of faith but an overview of what Anglicans have understood as the historic faith of the Church through the eyes of the Reformation…

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