Are you tired of making simple grammar mistakes? Are you frustrated with your English teacher? Would you like understand English on a more fundamental level? Purchase ‘Mastering A, An, The: English Articles Solved’ and you will understand a, an, the as English-speaking children understand them! But not through dry grammar rules, not through reasonless usage rules, and certainly not through mindless repetition; this guide aims to teach the meaning of grammar words efficiently and clearly, and if you are not satisfied with the content, a one-on-one consultation is possible through Skype, just message me at agharta78; I will personally make you believe.

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The Hunger Games Part 2

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  1. Maxim Silaev

    Great book! This is a book which have transformed my vision of such books. The author fully explains the principles of using articles in different cases, in different situations. He puts forward many examples, so after close reading of them I have realized that I cannot find a field which is not covered with an example from this book.Despite the fact that this book was very useful for me, there are several mistakes in the text. And I have found some examples repetitive and, therefore,…

  2. Diana

    Mastering A, An, The: English Articles Solved In my native language articles do not exist and the appropriate use of them was always a difficult task for me. Despite having various sources of grammar rules such as English grammar books as well as websites, I could not find a clear and logical explanation of which article is appropriate in any situation. However, everything changed when I purchased “Mastering A An The…” This short yet informative guidebook provided me with steps how to analyze the context of each sentence and…

  3. Anonymous

    Well, content wise, it is not bad. It actually is quite good. But it has got too many mistakes in it. If the author had had a once-over before publishing it he would have been able to spot all those mistakes himself. It is a shame. People who really need to read this book would not have a level of English required to know where the author has made mistakes. Although some of the mistakes are just simple typos, there are more serious ones like the word “not” missing, or it being present…

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