Are you tired of writing intermittently? Would you like to install a lifelong writing habit, one that gets your butt in the chair every single day? Then this is the book for you. Lifelong Writing Habit draws on well tested neuroscience to help you install a daily writing habit that will endure for life. It contains a simple to understand system, with actionable steps at the end of every chapter. You’ll learn: – How to install a permanent writing habit – How to get organized – How to set and achieve writing goals – How to harness discipline and motivation It’s time to make a permanent shift in your writing. Let’s get moving!

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  1. Bill Trav

    This book is not only worth the money to pay for it, it is worth the time to read it. I just finished reading Chris Fox’s “Lifelong Writing Habit.” This is an excellent book for everyone, not just writers. Fox explains how to make good habits easy to form and bad habits more difficult. The text is straight forward with no fluff or filler. The author does one more thing that I like. I don’t like to stop reading to do exercises, so he makes a list of the exercises at the end of the book, so those of us who like to read the whole book first, can still do the exercises…

  2. Douglas E Wright

    Great book! After nearly twenty years of writing and being published in magazines, I’ve fallen prey to inactivity and fear. This book is for all those who dream and quite can’t reach the brass ring’s shadow. You may have lost the motive or you might just be starting. No matter what vehicle your riding, this book is a great pit stop for your journey. Just make sure you do the exercises inside, because the book will become that much more useful for you. I hand wrote my exercises. Just so they sink in and I…

  3. Dan Absalonson

    Install a writing habit, start writing consistently, great stuff for any goal in life! This book was amazing. I loved how he incorporated brain science and the power of habits to a writing career. I’m so glad I picked this one up.I also really appreciated the no nonsense and yet positive way he cheered you on as a writer. It was very inspiring and made this book—full of techniques—really encouraging.If you struggle with writing consistently—get this book. It will be worth the short time you’ll have to invest reading it. It’s pretty short…

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