Lazy & Writing Wild is a collection of imaginative poetry and prose. This mysterious book encourages the reader to explore the heavens, the wilderness, and themselves. Each chapter is riddled with dynamic stories. Colorful tales about cowboys (both male and female). Facts and fables about stars, planets, moons, and our own sun. There are animals with wild ideas. There is romance. Passion, lust, hunger, heartache, regret and pain. There is love. Laughter, memories, friendship, kindness. There are whimsical thoughts and crazy ideas. There are narratives told from the depths of slumber. Melodies sung on paper. Philosophies on good living and poet empowerment. Hope for tomorrow and acceptance for today. There is whiskey. Of course, Heart. The author hopes you will find new life in his words. New space to explore in his collection of work that can only be described as a new blend of wild.

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