How different is the sharing economy from the traditional economy? What can entrepreneurs learn from failure? Can start-ups change the world?


SAGE Business Researcher’s Issues in Entrepreneurship offers an in-depth and nuanced look at a wide range of today’s latest issues and controversies in entrepreneurship. This new collection of timely readings delves into current topics such as  learning from failure, social entrepreneurship, flat management, crowdfunding, and more. Written with the rigor and immediacy of the best explanatory journalism, each issue provides deep, balanced, and authoritative coverage on the selected topic and key research,  pointing students to reliable resources for further inquiry. These articles are perfect for outside reading assignments or in-class debates for any introductory entrepreneurship course.


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  1. Anonymous

    I like that “Issues in Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management” are a collection of articles from SAGE Business Researcher. The variety of authors and topics help keep the reading interesting. The articles offer realistic views of small business management and entrepreneurship. It is encouraging and grounded. I like that every chapter has a chronology and perspective section at the end. I thought that the writers all have an engaging style that try as much as possible to make the…

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