Capturing the heart of a man she hopes will save her family from financial ruin, Lady Marian finds her plans upset by Reginald Montague, who vows to protect his friend from a fortune hunter even if it means seducing her himself.

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  1. vanessa

    Highly entertaining if you love PG 13 regency romance The Genuine Article by Patricia Rice is a fun regency romance. With character names like Darley and Marian, you get the feel of Jane Austen characters without being hit over the head. It’s a very quick read, with some character development. Mostly, it’s the typical newly impoverished girl trying to catch a rich man, back in the day, plot I read regency romance for. If costume drama is your cup of tea, you’ll probably like this one. It’s a little steamy in places, but nothing vulgar. It’s…

  2. amtmcm

    Too much arguing Lady Marian is the destitute daughter of a marquess. After her father’s death, his title passed to a distant cousin who takes no interest in the welfare of her or her mother. Then her mother marries a country squire and has another daughter. After being widowed again, the three women are on their own with very little income and the two daughters are spending one season in London in hopes of finding husbands.The H/h, or in this case, the main antagonists, cannot seem to be civil to…

  3. Elizabeth Bennet

    Genuine Flop I’m sorry I couldn’t share in so many other great reviews as I had trouble finishing the book. I kept putting it down in an attempt to try to stay within the story. The author just didn’t manage to catch my undivided attention. I felt the angst for me lead to a lot of my boredom with the story. Some of the sentences ran on to the point I had to go back and reread them to follow along. I did like the couple when they were finally able to reach an understanding but this book just wasn’t what I…

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