The Anchorage Marriage Records generates are governed by the provincial office. This simply means that the national government of Canada has no control over the registration of such events since it is the responsibility of the province’s civil registrar.

A Canadian marriage certificate is used primarily for genealogy. The information obtained from it is used to update one’s family tree. It is one of the vital documents used for genealogy since it can cause major problems if the marriage of a couple is not updated in a timely manner. Another use of this document is for government tractions. A newlywed couple needs to update their marital status in the government records and one of the documents that should be presented is the marriage certificate. It will serve as their proof of marriage. Another use of this document is for background check. This is done by individuals prior to marriage. They do this to make sure that they are marrying a person who is not married or is legally separated. This helps them avoid any problems by the time they apply for the actual marriage.

A marriage record would contain information about the marriage of a couple. The document would not be complete without the full names of the spouse as well as the date and the place where the marriage occurred. Additional details of the bride and the groom are also documented on the file which includes their birth details and the bride’s maiden name. The document will also show the current job of the couple at the time of their marriage. One will also know the names of the couple’s parents as well as the names of the people who stood as the witness to the event. If the bride or the groom has been married before, details about it are also indicated on the file.

Some provinces have started to register marriages since 1860’s, while other territories or province has only started to record marriages until 1920’s. It was only after this year where all Canadians have a record of their marriage kept by the state. Originally, marriage certificates are recorded by the church registrar. Now, the marriages are kept at civil offices.

Requesting for a copy of a marriage certificate in Canada would require a processing fee to be paid. This would vary on where the request was made as well as the type of file obtained. One should be prepared with the basic details of the document being requested. Also, it is important that the requesting individual provide their contact details to proceed with the search.

In Canada, obtaining a copy of a marriage certificate is very easy. One just needs to logon to a website that offers such type of service and fill out the required information. In just a few minutes results of the search are then displayed on the computer screen. One can even conduct a Free Marriage Records Search using the free service offered by many websites when they promote their service.

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