Writing is what makes masterminds, legends, creators, builders, developers, and brings the heart and soul out of experiences and into the lives of those around us. Writing is the place on earth where no one can control our thoughts, no one else has an opinion, and most of all, it’s self-expression.

Why write about it? To share it perhaps. To mold it, form it, structure it, and to basically say just what you want to say. Or perhaps in the mind of a writer, you’d ask the question, well, why can’t you just say what you mean if there was something on your mind?

First and foremost, no one’s a mind reader. And half the time, when telling a long-ago story, the “ands” and “buts” are never really understood, and all the characters are he and she. And jumping to “then I” is then, well, where did “you” go? And the listener is like, “I don’t understand a word you just said.”

The business world is the same way: you find yourself always depicting how things could be better another way and what the company could use that would make the company a lot better. Again, the boss isn’t a mind reader either. That’s why Fourteen Articles That Will Increase Your Desire for Writing is a valuable book. Not only will it increase your motivation, make you laugh, and all the oohs and ahhs; but it will also build your ingenuity and your desire to self-express through writing. The networking, blogs, and hacks will be your style and way of thinking and not written in someone else’s words.

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