Student writing is only as good as the feedback we give

In this remarkable book, Patty McGee shares research-based how-to’s for responding to writers that you can use immediately whether you use a writing program or a workshop model. Put down the red-pen, fix-it mindset and help your writers take risks, use grammar as an element of craft, discover their writing identities, elaborate in any genre, and more.  Includes lots of helpful conference language that develops tone and trust and forms for reflecting on writing. 


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  1. Gravity

    If you know your students are not reading the comments you leave them and the red pen method is just not working, read this book This book is just what every writing teacher needs. It gives us options for what to say, decide, and look for when working with student writers. The practical tips and classroom examples make it realistic and do-able. Patty weaves stories with lessons and has filled this book with charts that are so helpful. I already used an entire pad of sticky notes marking up the places I can use in classrooms. I highly suggest every writing teacher read and use this book. It will help all of those…

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