Based on the authors proven-effective methodology, Essay Exam Writing for the California Bar Exam contains everything bar exam candidates need to pass the essay portion of the California bar exam. This text combines instruction and practice in essay writing, fact analysis, and issue spotting, with a remarkably efficient review of substantive law, as well as time management tips and strategies for improving test performance.

New to the Second Edition:

  • Updates to the law (there have been some important changes to the law, particularly in Constitutional Law, Civil Procedure, Criminal Procedure and Business Assocations)
  • Updated coverage to keep up on bar testing trends with expanded coverage on some topics that are now more frequently bar tested than they were at the time of the first edition
  • Updated practice questions to include questions from the recent bar administrations
  • Updated Issues Tested Matrices to include the past 5 years of bar examinations

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  1. Anonymous

    Working Dads, Please Read This. First, I don’t work for the company that produced this book, nor am I affiliated with them at any level. I am just your average Dad trying to help others who want to pass the Bar Exam.Honestly speaking, I didn’t want to write a review for this book since I am studying for the CA Bar Exam and really do not need any more competition than there is already out there; but, I want to reach out to those in my position who are in their 40dz with a full time job and family.Truth…

  2. Anonymous

    This book was amazing. Let me start out by saying that I … This book was amazing. Let me start out by saying that I failed the July 2015 exam, and used this for the Feb 2016 exam… AND PASSED!! This book was seriously the reason for my success. I talk about it in greater detail on my blog, but briefly wanted to share my thoughts on amazon.This book included memorization attack sheets that are super easy to copy, and take wherever you are headed. Having memorized this book and also using Kaplan, I wrote 91 practice essays the second time…

  3. Anonymous

    This book is the reason I passed the CA bar After paying over a thousand dollars for a commerical test prep course (Themis), I failed every single essay on the July 2013 CA bar exam. With just this book and the past exams available for free on the CA bar website, I passed the February 2014 exam.I found that Themis’ course wasted so much time “teaching” every minute detail of the law that it left me with little energy for the single most important test-prep strategy: TAKE AS MANY PRACTICE EXAMS AS POSSIBLE…

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