Reviews: “Wow, fabulous! Thanks so much Robert! I have a degree in journalism (quite a few years ago) and I believe I learned more from your book than I did in many of my classes. An amazing return on investment!” — Leslie E. “Thank you for this. I absolutely love the templates you created!” — Susan Mack “I recently bought your Easy Articles book from Amazon – and have been enjoying every page of it. Thanks for writing it and for being so generous with your ideas and passion. ” — T. Wong In the online world, CONTENT is king. No matter how that content is ultimately expressed – as text, audio, or video – it begins as a collection of words. And the most basic, foundational way to shape those words and deliver quality, useful content is with a simple article or blog post. The trick is to be able to write those pieces quickly, without the usual hesitation, frustration and endless struggle. It doesn’t have to be difficult to consistently crank out original articles, lightning-quick. Now you can craft your own unique, information-filled pieces in minutes instead of hours. With these proven tips, tactics, strategies and plug-in solutions – article writing just got a whole lot easier. With Easy Article Templates, you’ll discover how to: • Produce Endless and Unlimited Amounts of Fresh, New Article Topics Super-Fast and Whenever You Wish… • Take Any Topic and Effortlessly Turn it Into a Powerful, Interest-Grabbing Title Your Target Wants… • Create Quality Content Easily By Turning “Idea Triggers” Into Valuable Articles in Minutes… • Plug-in any Missing Pieces On The Spot Without Wasting any Money or Time • Find Endless Topic Ideas… Start Off With A Bang… Fill in the Blanks… and Bring Your Article To A Powerful Close That Produces Results Imagine being able to write articles effortless… one after another (if you so desire)… and with complete confidence instead of fear and uncertainty. In this book, you’ll get dozens of inside secrets that make writing easier and more productive than ever before along with article marketing strategies that work well in today’s online world. Even if you never considered yourself an “article writer” before — you can do this, I know you can. For example, you’ll find a super-simple method for generating the body copy of any article in a flash. When you see for yourself just how effective and quick this is — you’ll find yourself creating more and more content and reaping the rewards more articles tend to bring. If you use articles on your own site… post articles on other sites to draw traffic… or simply write your own blog material — you will find this book to be a helpful resource. Oh and… you don’t need to use every piece of the puzzle to benefit from this book. Anyone who creates content in the form of written text, audios, videos, seminars, webinars, or workshops can benefit from sections like the topic idea templates.

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  1. Anonymous

    One Star Writing; Two Star Content Writing: Robert Boduch gathered his ezine articles and his blog posts and dumped them into this ebook without any editing. There is no delineation of paragraphs throughout most of this book–just one long tedious blob of text.The book is 40% text; 40% one sentence templates such as, “3 Ways to Improve Your _________.” and 20% action words.Content: In the author’s own words, “I used Google’s External Keyword Tool to build a short list of keywords related to article…

  2. Anonymous

    Not What I Expected Robert Boduch’s book Easy Articles is a glorified sales letter for an article marketing product he promotes. Sure, there are a few helpful tips here and there. Most can be found for free on the Internet. Guess i expected less fluff and more substance. I can only assume the three reviewers who left raving comments have a vested interest in promoting this e-book.Another thing: it’s obvious that the book is a collection of blog posts or something (which is fine). But at least proof…

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