Arrest records are important documents as they show a relative wealth of information on an individual, a group or a company. These records would show the person requesting the information about the case, the crime committed as well as the names of the suspects. Fresno County Arrest Records are obtainable from various online and offline resources. These records can be simple misdemeanour or felony and criminal in nature. Traffic infractions, robbery and murder are just some arrest record types that one might encounter.

For people who want to obtain a copy of a person crime report, he/she must provide the County’s Record Division of the case number of the record as well as valid identification. Reports are released to the public if the case is not under investigation or restricted under court order. Case reports are given to the defending attorney during the hearing if the person requesting the copy is one of the arrested parties. Reports are made available via mail and in person.

The County’s Record Bureau Public Counter is open every day for walk-ins. As there is a cut off time, it is best to come in early and bring a valid/current identification id. Fill up the form and indicate the purpose of the request. Fees for criminal records were amended recently (Eff. August 1, 2013) and charges per page cost about $.50. Certification would cost about $25. These changes will not affect civil cases. All payments must be made through money order and US bank issued checks. The office also accepts credit cards. However, they do not accept personal checks or cash.

For those who want to mail in their request, they may do so by sending a written request to the Office. The request should include the case number, the name of the person requesting as well as other information that would be helpful to the Office. Fees will be charged for reports longer than 10 pages. Each page would cost about $.20. The Office also requires a copy of the person’s id. Personal criminal checks are restricted and cost about $30, which can be paid through money order or credit card.

One other way to access records is by visiting the Fresno county sheriff’s office. The Sheriff’s records office is open during weekdays and one can walk in to do some research. Mail requests are also accepted. Persons requesting for such information should send in their request and the duplicate copy of their valid id to the Office by either standard mail or courier. Some criminal cases might be restricted for the public. As such, one can also phone in to the Sheriff’s Record Office and look for some part of the record that is intended for the public. Processing for mail request is up to ten business days.

For those who only require basic search, they can do free criminal records check online. It is by far one of the most convenient ways of retrieving information without having to pay for the records. Some sites might require payment though most of the time, online search databases are free.

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