Throughout history, the vows bound in love and commitment exchanged by a husband and his wife has been an illustrious event for mankind. Marriage is a pivotal point in a person’s life as it is shrouded with higher and more demanding responsibilities. Marriages are also bound by aspects outside the individual aspects of a person; as such events are vital tools for statistical and legal intentions. Wisconsin Marriage Records

The presence of a marriage license or certificate means that a couple’s marital vows have been legalized. Such document entitles them to assume new legal obligations as a married couple. A marriage certificate usually contains details such as who married who, the date and the place the marriage took place, the officiating body, and all witnesses. Marriage licenses are normally signed by the couple and the one who married them after the marriage ceremony. These documents are then filed by the officiating authority for the couple. As public documents, marriage records have many uses. For instance, it is a requirement to change one’s name, conduct genealogy studies, divorce proceedings, and protect adulterous, minor and incestuous unions, besides other purposes.

Different states have different ways of preserving, issuing, filing, updating and protecting marriage archives along with other vital records. In Wisconsin, this task is appointed to the State Department of Health Services, particularly the Vital Services division.

The Wisconsin Vital Records office issues two types of Wisconsin Marriage Records. Informational copies, as they are called, only serve to provide information to any requesting party who wants to find out about a certain marriage. Such versions are mere photocopies printed in plain paper, and are uncertified copies, making them invalid documents in instituting identities and obtaining benefits. Their counterparts – Certified copies are issued in security paper and contain a raised seal and a signature of the State Registrar. As they can be used for whatever legal intention, State statutes limit the distribution of such copies towards the married couple, their family; any authorized representative party appointed by the said persons, and a person who can demonstrate that a particular record is required to protect a personal or asset’s right. Eligible family members that can procure a copy of certified marriage records are the couple’s parents, siblings, children, and grandparents.

As per state edict, the Wisconsin Vital Records Office involves the completion of a written application form and a fee for searching for any public record. Ergo, entreaties are only accepted if they are done via personal appointment, mailing and fax. The minimum requirements to perform a search are the husband’s full name and the exact date or a range of dates, along with any government-issued identification documents. If requests are made in person, the original identifying document must be presented. For requests made via mail or fax, copies of such documents will suffice. For requests made in person, you can choose between the regular or expedited services. Requests under the regular service are sorted out within two hours, and will cost $20.00 with an added $3.00 per requested simultaneously. The same costs will be charged for expedited requests, with an additional $20.00, and are processed in 15-30 minutes. Rates for requests made via mail are the same with requests in person that utilize the regular ser
vice. The processing time for certified documents in this manner takes about a month. It will take three months for uncertified copies requested in person or via mail to be processed. The rates for expedited requests apply to appeals via fax, with an additional $6.00, and will be processed and sent within five business days for both certified and informational copies.

Today’s technology has made public records much closer to the public grasp. Within a few minutes, the record that you are seeking can be seen and requested after performing a quick search in the database of the online records solution of your choosing. With significantly lower processing times, one can be sure of fast and accurate results that can save tons of effort, time and money. Such online innovations are of big help specifically if the marriage record is needed for any urgent matters.

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