This workbook is for teens and young adults who are looking to build cursive writing skill. With over 100 pages of practice supported by easy illustrated dot to dot method, this book makes learning cursive fun and easy. The book starts with the basics and progressively advances to develop the muscle memory and understanding of how to form each cursive letter correctly and connect them. This book takes the writer on a skill building journey of

  • Tracing the cursive letters
  • Connecting two, three and four letter words in cursive
  • Writing simple sentences in cursive
  • The included thoughtful quotes and motivational sentences give a great foundation for writing cursive while helping young adults explore new concepts

Buy this today to begin a journey into the beautiful world of cursive handwriting.

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  1. Anonymous

    Very practical. Excellent cursive workbook I received this today and was absolutely thrilled with it. There is plenty of reinforcing/ tracing of letters for students and the quotes are an excellent touch and also served as discussion points. Since he is a teenager, I did not want my son to feel he is writing something childish. I really like how this book is set up. First you learn the cursive letters, followed by words and then you start putting what you learned into practice by writing the wonderful quotes in cursive. Fantastic…

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