This Cursive Handwriting workbook helps kids of all ages to start learning to write cursive letters, words and sentences and to improve their handwriting. Kids can gain mastery over cursive writing using an easy dot-to-dot tracing method.

The guided writing practice progressively builds kid’s cursive skills beginning with

  • Step 1 : Tracing upper and lower case cursive letters
  • Step 2 : Writing sight words
  • Step 3 : Joining uppercase to lower case letters
  • Step 4 : Writing numbers and number words
  • Step 5 : Writing sentences

With 100+ pages of practice, your child will develop the motor control for confidently writing in cursive while also improving their penmanship

The Book comes with:

  • A bonus coloring section at the beginning of each alphabet to encourage and engage children as they build skills progressively.
  • Premium cover design
  • Large size – 8.5″ x 11″

Buy today, to help your child take their first step confidently into the fun world of cursive writing.

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  1. Anonymous

    Fun and easy way to learn cursive. An awesome book to teach kids cursive handwriting. The book starts with a very simple and direct way of writing that showed kids how to form the letters correctly. I like the big letter at the top showing how to write each letter, makes it helpful. My daughter is enjoying learning connecting the letters into words. The individual letters for each word are practiced once again, before connecting them into words, and then, finally, practicing the words on your own. I got this for my young one and…

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