This volume contains two sections of annotated bibliographies on recent scholarly articles from the scientific literature regarding the properties of six popular single essential oils and seven groups of oils suitable as blends for various uses. The documentation supports properties of single oils including Frankincense, Lemon, Lavender, Tea Tree, Peppermint, and Copaiba as their usefulness was studied against MRSA, cancers, pain relief, acne, anxiety, etc., as well as single oils used for Respiratory and Digestive support, Post-Exertion support, Healthy Immune System support, and for Purifying, Calming & Uplifting, or Relaxing & Sedating. From the foreword: “If you promote essential oils for their benefits and want to stay compliant with government regulations on what can be said and not said, you need to have a copy of this book to carry with you whenever, to whomever, and wherever you speak. Or if you just want to learn more about the research that supports the therapeutic uses of essential oils, you need this book. You will discover uses you did not know of that may just be what you, or your friends and family, may need. Thank you, Tonya and Shawn. You have created a resource that will help a lot of people, all over the world, for a long time.” David Stewart, PhD, DNM, FCCI Author of 17 books, including Healing Oils of the Bible and The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple

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  1. ocequine

    This volume summarizes 80 studies of several favorite commonly used essential oils published to 2015 This is the second of two volumes. These are a must have resource for anyone interested in the health benefits of essential oils and wanting to know about scientific research documenting the properties of therapeutic grade essential oils. This volume summarizes 80 studies of several favorite commonly used essential oils published to 2015, and highlights the key findings in a style easy for the average person without a science degree to read and understand. It is also a small handy volume,…

  2. Anonymous

    Vol 2 is another hit to add to Vol 1! Once again the Peterson’s have provided us with an excellent reference that provides easy to understand research that has been done on the efficacy of essential oils. This book will give you scientific answers to support what you may have already found from personal experience regarding essential oils being beneficial to our health. Easy enough to understand for the lay person and detailed in its research results for the medically minded person; this…

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