Powerful Character Arcs Create Powerful Stories Have you written a story with an exciting concept and interesting characters—but it just isn’t grabbing the attention of readers or agents? It’s time to look deeper into the story beats that create realistic and compelling character arcs. Internationally published, award-winning novelist K.M. Weiland shares her acclaimed method for achieving memorable and moving character arcs in every book you write. By applying the foundation of the Three-Act Story Structure and then delving even deeper into the psychology of realistic and dynamic human change, Weiland offers a beat-by-beat checklist of character arc guidelines that flexes to fit any type of story. This comprehensive book will teach you:

  • How to determine which arc—positive, negative, or flat—is right for your character.
  • Why you should NEVER pit plot against character. Instead, learn how to blend story structure and character development.
  • How to recognize and avoid the worst pitfalls of writing novels without character arcs.
  • How to hack the secret to using overarching character arcs to create amazing trilogies and series.
  • And much more!

Gaining an understanding of how to write character arcs is a game-changing moment in any author’s pursuit of the craft. Bring your characters to unforgettable and realistic life—and take your stories from good to great!

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  1. Von Rupert

    It’s the Missing Link! Concise, organized, and empowering–Creating Character Arcs gives you the tools you need to not only create compelling characters, but to create compelling character-driven plots. I starting calling this book “The Missing Link” about the time I reached the half-way mark. It’s that “ah-hah” book that ties together all the pieces of writing advice I’ve received over the years and offers guiding principles for getting a book written.The questions at the end of the…

  2. Larry K

    Must Have We’ve heard of plot and conflict and tension and setting, but as we all recall, a critical aspect of a story is a character struggling with their flaw. Readers cheer on characters striving for their plot goal – the Thing They Want – knowing full well success is really found in the Thing They Need. This creates the Character’s Arc.What is a character’s arc? How is it developed? Where does it fit along the plot line?K.M. Weiland’s…

  3. Paying for College

    CHARACTERS WANT AND NEED CREATE CHARACTER ARCS – THIS BOOK SHOWS HOW TO CREATE CHARACTER ARCS Creating Character Arcs is a great addition to your writing library. This is another fine book by Ms. Weiland. She opens with showing character arcs and story structure are integral parts of your whole story. But I found that character arcs also affect the theme. The reason for the character’s change involves a lie, or false belief, events have caused the character to hold deeply. One of the things I liked about each section were the concept examples from popular movies. Some examples were…

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