Want to become a successful author? If so, you’re going to have to crank out books. And not mediocre books but high-quality ones.

Why? Because that’s what readers expect and want.

Regardless of whether you write fiction or nonfiction, if you want to get established as an author, you need to be productive. Highly productive.

You can’t just write one terrific book and call it good, expecting that singular work to carry you atop the wave of success for years to come.

Studies show readers want 3-4 books a year from their favorite authors. And to build traction and a growing audience, authors need to deliver.

But how many writers have the time to write that many books?

In today’s busy world, amid distractions and demands, it’s hard to carve out time to write even one book a year.

But plenty of super-busy people find time to crank out numerous high-quality books. And in this in-depth look on the topic, you’ll learn the strategies that help them—and will help you—be super productive.

If you want to grow your readership, you need to write the best books you can—and that means strategizing to optimize every factor that impacts your writing.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn in Crank it Out!:

  • How to dig deep into the Productivity ABCs—attitude, biology, and choices—and analyze yourself to prepare to make the needed adjustments to be super productive
  • How to spot destructive attitudes and rewire them to allow you to break through to success
  • How to determine your biological prime time and identify your peak hours to write in order to get the most out of your writing time
  • How to hack around your excuses, bad habits, and distractions that are blocking your way
  • How to alter your sleeping, eating, and other behaviors to ensure peak performance
  • How to thwart self-sabotage and perfectionism, which prevent you from becoming the super-productive writer you long to be

Plenty of people who work full-time, have heavy family responsibilities, or deal daily with chronic health issues or physical challenges find ways to crank out books. They do so because writing is important to them.

How badly do you want it?

Now’s the time to stop making excuses and start becoming proactive. Instead of complaining you have no time to write, take the challenge this book presents.

There’s a surefire way to becoming a super-productive writer, and it’s as simple as ABC.

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  1. Mir

    Read 1/3rd of this …gave up with no useful stuff so far (maybe there’s more later, so YMMV) I gave up 35% in according to my Kindle Fire location marker. I had preordered this–yes, I wanted it and I paid for it, it wasn’t given to me for free– because the subject is interesting (productivity). But it’s like this bland motivational pep talk with quotes from various folks (a bit of the serenity prayer, for example) and tips that most of us already knew as basic common health sense or will never follow.Here’s one: THREE WEEKS of a routine without caffeine and logging…

  2. Thomas M. Powell

    I found this book a drain on mine — super wordy book with lots of stories but the little …

  3. Anonymous

    Crank It Out! covers the ABC’s of productivity: attitude, biology, and choices. C.S. Larkin concentrates on knowing yourself as a writer and what works and doesn’t work for you specifically. There are numerous ideas, hacks, and improvements to try. Several of the sections made me dive deep to get to what my roadblock is and how to break it down. The parts on self-sabotaging and perfectionism were especially helpful.This book is key for the writer that can’t move on in editing,…

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