Connect Writing coupled with College Writing Skills with Readings provides the foundation for your grammar study and tools to support the writing process, so you can find the inspiration need to be successful in college, career and life. Students are guided through personalized learning activities and critical reading/writing strategies to so they come more aware of writing with a purpose.

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  1. dysfunctional veteran OIF

    i had to purchase this for a class and am glad that i did this is an excellant text book and will give you a lot of exposure to various writers.i had to purchase this for a class and am glad that i did. i’m way advanced as a writer for this to help much, as this is fairly basic writing and with so many years of producing technical writing for the military, it was too basic for me to get much out of.however the many different authors profiled in text they wrote makes the book worth finding and getting a copy of for your library…

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