Spanning the years 1920 to 1956, this priceless collection shows Hemingway’s work as a reporter, from correspondent for the Toronto Star to contributor to Esquire, Colliers, and Look. As fledgling reporter, war correspondent, and seasoned journalist, Hemingway provides access to a range of experiences, including vivid eyewitness accounts of the Spanish Civil War and World War II. By-Line: Ernest Hemingway offers a glimpse into the world behind the popular fiction of one of America’s greatest writers.

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  1. Anonymous

    Papa’s Autobiographical Dispatches Anyone who wants an autobiographical account of Hemingway’s adventures from the Spanish Civil War, storming the beach on D-Day, his very first Spanish Bull Fight, Safari in Africa and subsequent airplane crashes, Marlin fishing between Key West and Havana, and more….a personal glimpse into the adventurous life of the great American writer, icon, and adventurer. A man’s man with all the associated bad habits and inclinations which should be forgiven nevertheless considering the times during…

  2. Anonymous

    A wonderful collection of Hemingway’s journalism: A must-read for fans, journalists & bloggers Even the most die-hard Hemingway fan has probably overlooked this invaluable collection of the famed author’s work as a journalist. The articles, though decades old, still read quite modern. Thus is the genius of Hemingway.I was a journalist for Hemingway’s suggested “five years” (he advises writers to get out of the newspaper business after that period of time) and back at the start of my career, I first read a copy of this book when I was based in Tokyo. The style appealed to me…

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