Everyone travels for different reasons, but whatever those reasons are, one thing is certain: they come back with stories. Each year, the best of those stories are collected in The Best American Travel Writing, curated by one of the top writers in the field, and each year they “open a window onto the strange, seedy, and beautiful world, offering readers glimpses into places that many will never see or experience except through the eyes and words of these writers” (Kirkus). This far-ranging collection of top notch travel writing is, quite simply, the genre’s gold standard.

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  1. Anonymous

    Truly the BEST of the Best American Series…a Changing of the Guard Perhaps? If only Cheryl Strayed could edit every Best American series. I have already taught from the book after reading it cover-to-cover in one sitting. These essays actually INSPIRE the students.This is by far the most engaging, diverse, and refreshing group of travel writing essays I’ve seen in one collection.It feels like the beginning of a changing of the guard from the smothering, dominant perspective of white, male, privileged travellers. Halle-freaking-lujah and Amen, Cheryl…

  2. Anonymous

    You’ve seen the other reviews about the amount of politics in the stories, and the first couple of stories were heavy on politics (but were still worthy of the anthology), and then the next few stories felt like the type of stories we love in the Best American anthologies. And then there was Ian Frazier’s story about St. Petersburg. I am a huge fan of Ian Frazier, but this story kept going on…and on…and on. I think about all of the pulp that went into printing that one story and how it…

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