“This is one of the most exciting times in the history of science,” New York Times-bestselling author Sam Kean proclaims in his introduction to The Best American Science and Nature Writing 2018. “Things aren’t perfect by any means. But there are more scientists making more discoveries in more places about more things than ever before.” The twenty-six pieces assembled here chart the full spectrum of those discoveries. From the outer reaches of space, to the mysteries of the human mind, to the changing culture in labs and universities across the nation, we see time and again the sometimes rocky, sometimes revelatory road to understanding, and along the way catch a glimpse of all that’s left to learn.

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  1. Anonymous

    Science or Politics????? Through the years I have always eagerly looked forward to reading the annual “The Best American Science and Nature Writing”. I was extremely disappointed this year to find that the Foreword by series editor Tim Folger was a diatribe against the current President and his administration. Folger creates an imaginary award named the Quack for ‘communication unsullied by reason’. He then proceeds to name four individuals he deems worthy of the award and their failings and ‘criminal efforts’…

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