A collection of essays about agile and agile coaching from leading practitioners in the field. Includes the following authors:Marsha Acker: How Courage Can Create SafetyHeidi Araya: Why Your Agile Teams are Bad at EstimationHeidi Araya: Why aren’t my teams accountable?Aga Bajer: In Conversation with Edgar Schein: Answering Three Common Questions about CultureZsolt Berend and Tony Caink: Focus: is it a Unicorn?Tricia Broderick: Are leaders needed for self-organizing teams?Tim Casasola: How Your Organization Can Make Great Decisions By DefaultMike Cohn: Ten Things the Beatles Taught Me About Being AgileMike Cohn: Ten sentences with all the Scrum Master advice you’ll ever needMike Cohn: Why Agile Teams Should Estimate at Two Different LevelsEric Cottrell: The 3 Principles Agile Leaders Should Live By During An Organizational TransformationMichael de la Maza and Elena Vassilieva: Virtual Reality Will Disrupt Agile Coaching and TrainingJohn Dobbin: Why is psychological safety being ignored?Bob Ellis: Understanding Agile MetricsRon Eringa: Leadership Lessons for Creating High-Performing Scrum TeamsMackenze Fogelson: What All Great Teams PracticeGene Gendel: Proper Scaling of Scrum and Dynamic Financial ForecastingGene Gendel: Centralized vs. Decentralized CoachingLisa Gill: 10 Components that Successfully Abolished Hierarchy (in 70+ companies)Ellen Grove: Building Alignment: Team working agreementsPhilippe Guenet: Leaders of chaos. How traditional management perpetuates chaos in digital ITMike Hall: Lean Economics 101: The Power of WIP LimitsMike Hall: Lean Economics 101: Parallel Development Is Killing YourMike Hall: Productivity! 5 Practices To Start Scaling AgileDavid Hawks: Why we don’t re-estimate story pointsKate Heddleston: Becoming a 10x DeveloperGeePaw Hill: Coaching? Like PeopleJoe Justice: The 3-5-3 of ScrumErkan Kadir: The War Zone – The Place in Every Organization Where Agile Meets WaterfallVamsi Krishna Kakkireni: Sizing a spike?Juriaan Kamer: How to Build Your Own: “Spotify Model”Madhavi Ledalla: Garden Your Thoughts Kate Leto: What the heck is self awareness and why should you care?Mark Levison: How to Cross-Skill and Grow T-shaped Team MembersYi Lv: Over-specialization and waste of potentialSam McAfee: IT Leadership Is Broken. Here’s How To Fix It.Nirmaljeet Mahotra: Accelerating Scrum Success with Lean PrinciplesKathryn Maloney: Dear Beloved Clients, Please Start By DoingRobert C. Martin (Uncle Bob): The Tragedy of CraftsmanshipMaria Matarelli: Use This 1 Method to Do More Work in Less Time. Discover how an Agile approach can help you get to market faster.Blake McMillan: Do you know Kung Fu?Ian Mitchell: Twenty Top Fails in Executive Agile LeadershipIan Mitchell: Monte Carlo forecasting in ScrumIan Mitchell: Antipattern of the Month: Unlimited WIPKurt Nielsen: The Attraction of Classic HierarchiesDaniel Terhorst-North: IN PRAISE OF SWARMINGEwan O’Leary: On Scrum Mastering…9 things to tryStephanie Ockerman: 5 Powerful Things About the SprintStephanie Ockerman: The Art of Product Backlog RefinementIllia Pavlichenko: Eliminate dependencies, don’t manage themRoman Pichler: Sustainable Pace in Product ManagementAllison Pollard: Looking at Agile Coaching and Sports CoachingLizet Pollen: Are You Asking The Right Questions?Dana Pylayeva: Agile? DevOps? You won’t get there with Fear in your workplace!Garry Ridge: Where There’s No Friction There’s Flow: The Four Pillars of the Fearless TribeJohanna Rothman: “Agile Coaching” Is Not the GoalJM Roxas: A Smashing Retrospective!Michael Sahota: How To Change Your Organizational CultureMichael Sahota: How To Replicate Spotify’s SuccessMichael Sahota: How to Overcome Resistance in Your Agile Transformation – The Power of InvitationAjeet Singh: 5 Ways ScrumMasters Can Enhance Daily Standups

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