One of the best places to go to in search of a particular arrest account in Sonoma County, California is the various local police department in the community. Sonoma County Arrest Records can also be reviewed via the worldwide web. A specific online resource has been created by the office of the Sheriff to make any individual’s research activity hassle-free. The said online facility is known as the Uniform Crime Reporting Program. The said course can be used in search of the arrest activities that occurred in the area and even in the nearby municipalities. An arrest register is available for those who want to confirm a certain arrest made by the office of the sheriff or by the several police units in the district. One can also browse the crime statistics of the county per year.

One can also make use of the Jail Information System to do research on public details concerning individuals who are arrested and detained in Sonoma County Jail. It is an intention of the Office of the Sheriff to make all records accurate at the time of the inquiry, but unexpected web maintenance or system failures may cause the delay of posting recent arrest events.

The sheriff’s website also provides a specific request form which you need to accomplish in the event that the arrest report you want is not available online. It is essential that you complete the details required accurately to facilitate the processing of your demand. A copy of the data you desire will cost you $17.00. This amount must be paid via cash, check or money order as credit card payment is not acceptable.

Criminal court records can be obtained by visiting the Clerk’s Office at the Superior Court. Information concerning criminal case files are not accessible via the Internet. The said government bureau provides an on-site information station which anyone can use. Once you are able to locate the case you desire, you can ask for a photocopy of the file you want at 50 centavos per page. If you want a certified true copy, apart from the copying cost, you will be ask to pay an additional $25.00. An extra fee of $15.00 is charged for those cases which takes more than 10 minutes to retrieve. The acceptable forms of payment are in cash, check, money order, and cashier’s check. You can also make a request by sending a letter together with the required request form which you can get online. You have to be sure to indicate the case number and the specific document you want. You must also indicate if the document you want is merely a plain copy or a certified duplicate. Orders done via mail must be accompanied with a stamped envelope duly labeled with your complete mailing address.

One can get relevant criminal report by reviewing Sonoma County criminal records. Specific arrest details such as the date and the reason for the capture can also be uncovered. Significant details on criminal records are now instantly available , thanks for the various web resources which we can access anytime of the day.

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