For clarity, brevity, and forthrightness, there is no finer summary statement of the basic beliefs of Latter- day Saints than the Articles of Faith, which were written by Joseph Smith. These statements of belief served as the outline for a weekly theology class taught by Elder James E. Talmage (prior to his call to the Twelve) in 1893 and 1894. The content of these lectures was formally committed to writing and published in 1899 under the title Articles of Faith. For over a century this book has been a standard text for gospel students and teachers alike because it presents the fundamental doctrines of the Church in a systematic way. This inspiring and thought- provoking work, long considered a classic in Mormon literature, is now available in a convenient, giftable, soft- leather edition.

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    Shedding light on what comes out of the mouth of a living Prophet as the 13 points of true doctrine to teach people

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    If you want precise and annotated information on what Mormons …

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